For Employers

Having a labor force that is ready to go to work is vitally important. Work Ready Communities is about making sure the individuals looking for jobs are the employees you want to hire. The Region and your community are committed to ensuring the proper training and skill development is taking place to meet your employment needs. 

Being designated as a certified Work Ready Community is not an easy task. County partners have invested into the education pipeline and leveraged workforce development resources to achieve the designation. Communities that have been designated as Work Ready have proven competency in each of the following four areas:

1) A letter of commitment to workforce excellence from 3 county leaders
2) An increase in the high school graduation rate of 1%
3) 2% increase in the number of Career Readiness Certificates issued to the total labor force
4) 10 of the top 20 largest employers committed to excellence in workforce by written notification that they prefer or require the Career Readiness Certificate for recruitment and hiring.

For more information about how your company can be involved, check out our How to Participate page. 

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